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I was a funny looking little girl growing up in the Midwest because of my loads of freckles and bright red hair! I always seemed to be the center of attention while other kids teased and laughed at me. I learned at a young age to embrace being different and use it to my advantage. As a kid, all I wanted to do was sing, dance and make everybody laugh; so….being on the stage was a perfect fit.

My grandmother and my mother were both actresses and became my first mentors. By the age of 15, I was performing in productions at Marquette University with a Jesuit Priest as my first acting teacher. He had a strong influence in my life – helping me with my self-esteem and teaching me how to focus and ‘stay in the moment’ with each scene. After High School I went to New York and by age 21, was in my first Broadway show. After many years of living the ‘gypsy’ acting life on TV and Broadway – I retired to marry and raise my daughter – who has now blessed me with two adorable granddaughters. But now…that inner yearning to be on the stage cannot be tamed…so I’M BACK!

My philosophy in life has always been, “Smile and give 110 percent of yourself – everyday; and don’t stop moving. And always – Practice, Practice, Practice!” ~ Kit


















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